Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

Losing Excess Travel Weight: Survival Training Items You Can Fit In Your Pocket

Rocio Nieto

As you train to survive in the wilderness, one of the more satisfying parts is limiting the amount of equipment that you actually bring along for the excursion. Instead of packing a mini-motel on your back, you can easily fit a number of survival supplies right into a cargo pants pocket. Knowing what exactly to pack and what to leave at home can help you pack a lot less and make it easier to travel through your survival adventures. Browse through the following types of pocket-sized items that you can purchase and use on various types of camping trips and training missions.

Waterproof Tins

One of the more essential pieces of pocket survival gear is a waterproof tin. These tins are typically lined with a rubber seal and can offer moisture protection for anything inside the tin. This is an ideal way to hold first-aid items or small camping tools. The tin is easy to carry in your pocket and can become something that you carry out with you every day during your trips. A number of tins are sold as a part of a kit. This means that the tins come pre-packaged with items made to fit inside. It can help save you money as you plan out different pieces of gear you will need for the trip.

Survival Training Cards

There is an abundance of material available on surviving in the wilderness. Carrying a large manual or guide can add a lot of weight to your travels. Make things a lot easier with the use of survival training cards. These thin cards feature valuable information including first-aid tips, Morse code guides, and the best ways to fish in the wild. Sticking the cards in your pocket or wallet makes it a lot easier to pull them out and access information while on the go.

All-Weather Survival Matches

You do not need crazy fire-making kits, lighters, or other gear to start a fire when you purchase all-weather survival matches. These matches can be lit when swiped across multiple surfaces and provide an ideal way to get a fire started. It's easy to use the matches during windy or wet conditions, allowing you to still have the proper warmth when it's needed.

Fishing Kits

Carrying a large fishing pole and tackle box can add a lot of strain and weight while camping. A pocket fishing kit provides everything you need to catch some fish when other food options are not available. Hooks, bait, sinkers, and small bobbers are just a few of the items that come in these kits. By finding a sturdy stick or branch, you can easily put together a makeshift pole and try your luck at catching a fish.

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