Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

Essential Gear To Pack For The First-Time Camper

Rocio Nieto

A weekend of camping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in a manner that you likely haven't previously experienced. If you've never taken the plunge but are ready to give camping a shot at a summer camp in New England, you likely already know that you'll need a long list of supplies. Beyond the basics, however, such as a tent, sleeping bags, cooler and other such items, the enjoyment of the entire experience can be augmented by carrying a handful of pieces of gear that you might not have otherwise thought to pack. Visit an outdoor retailer or the camping section of your local big box store and make sure you grab these things before your excursion.

Small Ax

One of the big joys of camping is sitting around the campfire, which you can build with newspaper, twigs and some larger logs. Although it's possible to build a satisfactory fire with what you can forage off the ground, the process of collecting suitably sized wood is significantly easier when you have an ax on your side. You don't need anything large; a one-handed hatchet-style ax is more than enough to help you trim branches off trees and split kindling from the logs that you buy at the camp office.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are large, thick gloves made of leather. They're used by welders because of their resistance to heat, and you'll be able to use them around the campfire in a number of ways. If you're cooking food by wrapping it in tinfoil and placing it within the coals of the fire, welding gloves will allow you to rotate and remove these items with ease. Likewise, if you're cooking on a cast-iron pan, the handle will be too hot to touch with your bare skin, but easy to grab with welding gloves.

First-Aid Kit

First-time campers often won't think about packing a first-aid kit, but having this essential item on hand can often prevent having to pack up the campsite early and return home to address a wound. While major injuries should always be treated by a medical professional, you can treat a wide range of smaller ailments with the items in a first-aid kit. Adhesive bandages, for example, are ideal to protect blisters on the feet from hiking. Disinfectant spray is useful for cleaning any cuts that might have occurred upon stepping on some glass at the beach. You don't need to buy all the items to make up your kit; just buy a complete kit and you'll have several supplies at your disposal.


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Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

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