Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

  • Losing Excess Travel Weight: Survival Training Items You Can Fit In Your Pocket

    As you train to survive in the wilderness, one of the more satisfying parts is limiting the amount of equipment that you actually bring along for the excursion. Instead of packing a mini-motel on your back, you can easily fit a number of survival supplies right into a cargo pants pocket. Knowing what exactly to pack and what to leave at home can help you pack a lot less and make it easier to travel through your survival adventures.

  • Camping Advice for New Campers: How to Use a Simple Compass

    One way to escape the heat and bustle of the city is by camping and hiking in one of the national parks this summer. Many of the parks are still wild, and you need to make sure you take proper precautions when hiking in unfamiliar places since it's easy to get lost. Remember, cell phone batteries die if not charged, and you might not be able to access your position through a smart phone.

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Taking The Hassle Out Of Camping

When I was a kid, I used to love to get outdoors, get my hands dirty, and enjoy a little nature. However, as an adult, I became a lot more uptight about the wild. I realized that I didn't like laying on the ground or dealing with dew covering my sleeping bag in the morning. I also realized that I didn't like going to the bathroom in the wilderness, afraid that a deer or bear would wander my way. However, a friend of mine taught me how to take some of the hassles out of camping. This blog is all about learning how to camp like a true professional, so that you aren't left uncomfortable and missing home when you should be enjoying yourself.